Our Causes

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INSURE community and young girls and boys are safe.

When sexual violence does occur, The senzakahle organization is there to provide support and resources for young women and girls in the Kwazulu Natal and Eastern Cape provinces. 

we work with care givers to provide support for vulnerable kids affected and infected with HIV/AIDS to cope with day to days challenges that they experience. etc.

Raised: R10 000
Goal: R100 000.00

Help African Children

Senzakahle NPO will continue to stand up against gender-based violence by engaging parliamentarians on legal changes to prevent children abuse. They’ll work with partners to ensure commitments by the government are implemented, and support local organizations helping women and girls. 

We must know is that for every child who experiences gender-based violence, especially in forms of child marriages, rapes, physical and mental abuse, a whole generation will be impacted.” Gender-based violence isn’t just a women’s issue, it is a human rights issue, and it must end..

Raised: R1000
Goal R150 000.00

Help to get Education

The aim as senzakahle is to assist pupils with specific learning, emotional, social and behavioural difficulties and to advise teachers and parents of necessary recommendations or further professional support. 

We support the youth and kids who are struggling to go to school as results of school uniforms and food support.

Raised: R800
Goal: R100 000.00